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We've Got The Music (Trailer)


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2012 28 mins 20 secs Colour Dolby Pro Logic Music Game Show / Shiny Floor

Do you have a song that makes you happy? We’ve Got The Music to make you win!

This is the only game show where your favourite song can make your dreams come true.

You don’t need to sing in tune! You just have to tell us why you love your special tune and have fun playing our original music games to win a dream prize.

We’ve Got The Music is an interactive smile-inducing family entertainment show that will make you sing out loud, play along and celebrate the most popular songs in the soundtrack of our lives.


  • Michelle Orpe Host
  • Nathan Martin Pianist
  • Linda John-Pierre Vocalist
  • Dean Hilborne Drummer
  • Ed Alton Guitarist
Filmmakers Role Department
Aniello De Santi Director/Producer Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Chloë Thomson Cinematographer Cinematography
Eléonore Cremonese Production Designer Production Design for Film
Céline Durand-Watts Sound Supervisor Sound Recording for Film and Television
Jens Rosenlund Petersen Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Sherylee Anne Houssein Location Sound Crew Sound Recording for Film and Television
Nina Rice Sound Crew Sound Recording for Film and Television
Liam Cotter Sound Crew Sound Recording for Film and Television
Leo Costa Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects
Arthur Mulhern Location Camera Crew Cinematography
Kasper Wind Nielsen Location Camera Crew Cinematography
Ian Aryeh-Thompson Sound Crew Producing and Directing for Television Entertainment
James Allison Sound Crew Non-graduating Crew
Omar Kenawi Sound Crew Non-graduating Crew
Tim Partridge Sound Crew Non-graduating Crew
André Sousa Projector Operator Non-graduating Crew
Anti Reinthal Sound Crew Non-graduating Crew
Kelley Axton Script Supervisor Non-graduating Crew
Eric Capron Studio Engineer Non-graduating Crew
Chris Owen Senior Cameraman Non-graduating Crew