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The Magnificent Lion Boy (Trailer)


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2013 10 mins 15 secs Colour Dolby Digital 2D charcoal animation (in front of camera)

On an expedition through Africa, anthropologist Leonard Orlov discovers a strange, feral child, raised by lions. Driven by a desire to civilise this creature, he takes the child back to London. But this is a Victorian England of strict social coventions and high moral values, and very soon, the child goes from being a sensation to being reviled and rejected.

Despite this reaction, Orlov sets out to make this savage creatre a boy again, but in so doing, sets off a chain of events that ultimately leads to tragedy.


  • Hugh Bonneville Leonard Orlov
  • Andy Serkis Umberto Farini
  • Yahsaint Benjamin Kowouvi Lion Boy
Filmmakers Role Department
Ana Caro Director Directing Animation
James Cotton Producer Producing
Jonathan Carr Writer Screenwriting
Alfie Biddle Cinematographer Cinematography
Natasha Mackey Production Designer Production Design
Paulo Pandolpho Editor Editing
Natalie Langowski Production Manager Production Management for Film
Jason Evans VFX Supervisor Digital Post Production
Jack Whinnett VFX SFX/VFX
James Miller VFX SFX/VFX
Jason Evans Online Editor and Colour Grader Digital Post Production
Ania Przygoda Sound Designer and Dubbing Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Sarah Warne Composer Composing for Film and Television
Jack Stew Foley Artist Non-graduating Crew