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Talent Show (Trailer)


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2013 6 mins 8 secs Colour Dolby Digital 2D Traditional Hand Drawn Animation

This slice-of-life comedy, set in a community church hall, is about people and experiences we can all relate to. Matronly ex-dancer, Fay Adams, coaches a bunch of eccentric children for the local Talent Show. Her rigourous regime falls short on the strong-willed Darlene and the two clash immediately, resulting in Darlene's banishment from the show. Things are on tenterhooks when the local bishop and hordes of eager parents arrive. Fay has her hopes pinned on her prize act, The Pussy Cat Twinkles, but little does she know, Darlene is about to exact her revenge.


  • Sir Terry Wogan Talent Show Host
  • Bellatrix Emanuel
  • Nigel Anthony Bishop, Irish Men & Magicians
  • Teresa Gallagher Faye & Darlene
Filmmakers Role Department
Claire Winter Director Directing Animation
Emily Morgan Producer Producing
Matthew Kyne Baskott Writer Screenwriting
Eliot Haigh Cinematographer Cinematography
Matt Sharp Production Designer Production Design
Alice Petit Editor Editing
Ingibjorg Hogna Jonasdottir Production Manager Production Management for Film
Kathleen Squire VFX Supervisor SFX/VFX
Filipe Paszkiewicz Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Finn McNicholas Composer Composing for Film and Television
Kevin McDonald Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects