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Suicide is Easy (Trailer)


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2014 24 mins 43 secs Colour Dolby Digital

In a grey and cloudy world where everyone else is depressed, Joshua Kantor manages to stay happy looking on the brighter side of life. He works for the Office for Suicide Prevention as a suicide Watcher. When one day he finds himself the subject of a suicide watch, he discovers that proving his happiness is much more difficult than he thought.


  • Anthony Harwood Joshua
  • Sarah Beck-Mather Daisy
  • Robert Heard Oscar
Filmmakers Role Department
Weronika Tofilska Director/Writer Directing Fiction
Timo Suomi Producer Producing
Paul Ozgur Cinematographer Cinematography
Elo Soode Production Designer Production Design
Gemma Priggen Production Manager Production Management for Film
Chiaki Suzuki Editor Editing
Ross Allen VFX Supervisor Digital Post Production
Dan Neeson SFX/VFX Supervisor SFX/VFX
Dom Corbisiero Production Sound Mixer Sound Recording for Film and Television
Simon Gill Boom Operator Sound Recording for Film and Television
Jonathan Fowle Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
David Pearce Composer Composing for Film and Television
Ram Krishna Tripathi 'Samaveda' Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Post Production