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Sea Child (Trailer)


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2015 7 mins 24 secs Colour Dolby Digital Hand Painted Stop Motion. English and Korean.

On the verge of becoming a woman, Sora is woken by a nightmare and decides to follow a group of men into the city in the hope of finding her mom.


  • Rachel Park Sora
  • Sohhee Kim Sunyi
  • Se-jung Shin Mother
Filmmakers Role Department
Min-ha Kim Director Directing Animation
Jacob Thomas Producer Producing
Islay Bell-Webb Writer Screenwriting
Sverre Sordal Cinematographer Cinematography
Daniel Warren Production Designer Production Design
Abolfazl Talooni Editor Editing
Chris Dubock CG Sequence Lead Artist Digital Effects
John Cohen Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Antonio Nardi Composer Composing for Film and Television
Ioannis Sariktzis Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects
Michele Chiappa Additional Editor Non-graduating Crew