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Robomax (Trailer)


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2013 8 mins 15 secs Colour Dolby Digital 3D CGI Animation

Josef, an inventor has been working on his robot - designed for hostage situations - Robomax, for a long time but not yet perfected him for sale. The prospective buyer, a Russian billionaire, is losing patience and gives him a last chance to sort it out. Josef brings the dangerous Robomax into his home, much to the chagrin of his wife, Mary, who is already annoyed with him for neglecting his young family for his work. The domestic environment creates some surprising challenges for Robomax... how will he cope?


  • Ed Guaghan Josef and Russian Billionaire
  • Gemma Saunders Mary
  • Moayad Fahmi Robomax
Filmmakers Role Department
Moayad Fahmi Director Directing Animation
Dan Demissie Producer Producing
Egle Vertelyte Writer Screenwriting
Jack Wilkinson Cinematographer Cinematography
Will Houghton-Connell Production Designer Production Design
Radoslaw Sienski Editor Editing
Natalie Langowski Production Manager Production Management for Film
James Miller VFX Digital Post Production
Janis Skulme VFX, Online Editor and Colour Grader Digital Post Production
Ting Li Lim Sound Designer and Dubbing Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Sarah Warne Composer Composing for Film and Television