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Off Grid (Trailer)


2014 PC/Mac/Linux

There are dark and greedy forces creeping into our everyday lives. The internet as we know it is under threat. Corporations and governments are invading your privacy and tracking your movements with indifference. This is not fiction, this is the world we live in...

Off Grid is an indie stealth game about data, privacy and the internet. A cross between a political thriller and a dark comedy, married with traditional third-person stealth game-play. An adventure-satire about a mishap antihero.

Game-makers Role Department
Rich Metson, Pontus Schonberg Designers/Developers Games Design & Development
Jonas Andreas Jensen, Adam Layland Sound Designers Sound Design for Film & Television
Lyndon Holland Composer Composing for Film & Television
Silvia Bartoli, Marcella Fiori Concept Artists Non-graduating Crew