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Nightdare (Trailer)


2014 25 mins Colour Dolby Digital Horror-themed Game Show

Nightdare is a horror-themed game show set in a haunted and atmospheric 1930s manor. The story of the house lies at the dark heart of the mind games and challenges that one team of two players face, when they enter its forbidding gateway. It is a story of unexplained deaths, mysterious fires, family feuds and a hotly contested legacy. A story told by an unnerving host as he greets the two players, sets them on their way to find the unlocked doors and face the challenges. After four rooms the players are on their way to the final chamber to face the terrifying challenge that stands between them and the gold buried within.


  • David McGillivray Bruce Harlow - Host
  • Paulo Rivera Contestant 1
  • Rachel Worth Contestant 2
Programme-makers Role Department
Serafeim Ntousias Producer Directing and Producing Entertainment Television
Karin Camarinha Director Directing and Producing Entertainment Television
James Blann Lighting Director Cinematography
Benjamin Abineri, Magnus Ahlberg, Oliver Barbieri, Roosevelt Lemos, Jake Rudge Lighting Directors Broadcast Production
Simon Gill Studio/Location Sound Sound Recording for Film and Television
Siyuan Kirk Lin, Sam Stubbs-Benbow Sound Crew Broadcast Production
Natasha Roper Sound Crew Sound Recording for Film and Television
Jonas Andreas Jensen Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Ram Krishna Tripathi 'Samaveda' VFX Supervisor, Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Post Production
Aden Turner Floor Manager Non-graduating Crew
Richard Drew Production Designer Non-graduating Crew
Pavlos Papadopoulos Animator Non-graduating Crew
Lilly Ding Offline Editor Non-graduating Crew
Alex Harwood Composer Non-graduating Crew (NFTS Graduate 2013)