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Newton's Law (Trailer)


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2012 24mins 50 secs Colour Dolby Digital TV Entertainment

“Newton’s Law” - where the strength of a relationship is tested to the limit.

In this episode, husband and wife, Graham and Ivy compete to win Graham’s dream prize of opening an Elvis-themed karaoke bar. The couple are pushed to their emotional, physical and psychological limits by the formidable Dr. Hamish Childs.

Dr. Childs, as the architect of the game and the show’s sole benefactor, demands the couple earn their dream through a series of brutish challenges and punishments.

How much punishment is Ivy prepared to endure to make Graham’s dream come true? Can she buy her husband enough time to complete all four challenges? Will all the pain and suffering be worth it?


  • Robert Ashby Dr. Hamish Childs
  • Stephen O'Riordan Masked Servent
  • Fergus Ryan Butler
  • Georgia Mackenzie Voiceover
Filmmakers Role Department
Sean O'Riordan Director/Producer/Production Manager Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Andrew Alderslade Cinematographer Cinematography
Arthur Mulhern Camera Operator Cinematography
Abigail Joshi Production Designer Production Design for Film
John Merry Production Designer Production Design for Film
Liam Cotter Sound Supervisor Sound Recording for Film and Television
Steve Bond Sound Designer Sound Design for Film and Television
Nina Rice Studio & Location Sound Sound Recording for Film and Television
Liam Cotter Sound Assistant Sound Recording for Film and Television
Louis Largo CGI Artist, Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects
Graham Hadfield Composer Composing for Film and Television
Aden Turner 1st AD Non-graduating Crew
Lukas Demgenski Camera Operator Non-graduating Crew
Tim Partridge Camera Operator Non-graduating Crew
Tom Woodman Camera Operator Non-graduating Crew
Matt King Camera Operator Non-graduating Crew
Bronwen Jenkins Offline Editor Non-graduating Crew