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Museum Of Now (Trailer)


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2012 24 mins 31 secs Colour Dolby Digital Factual Entertainment

With innovation technology moving at such a pace, it’s not difficult to speculate over what we will and won’t be using in the future...

‘Museum of Now’ is a light-hearted technology-based magazine show, taking a look at the objects and items that we are using everyday. Examining the arguments and sifting through the evidence for each object in turn, the three presenters, with the help of expert contributors and specially-devised challenges, vote all the items they believe are obsolete into the virtual ‘Museum of Now’, to preserve them for future generations


  • David McClelland
  • Lynn Taylor
  • Waseem Mirza
Filmmakers Role Department
Christian Richardson Director/Producer Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Robin Whenary Cinematographer & Lighting Design Cinematography
Thalia Ecclestone Production Designer Production Design for Film
Michael Kearney Studio/Location Sound Sound Recording for Film and Television
Axle Kith Cheeng Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Scott Clements Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects
Aden Turner Floor Manager Non-graduating Crew
Howard Arundel 1st AD Non-graduating Crew
Adam Arnot Graphics Supervisor Non-graduating Crew
Lee Wooster Lighting Director Non-graduating Crew
Finn McNicholas Composer Non-graduating Crew
Lilly Ding Offline Editor Non-graduating Crew