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Mo's Big Olympic Adventure (Trailer)


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2012 20 mins 52 secs Colour Dolby Digital Children’s Entertainment

‘Mo’s Big Olympic Adventure’ is a Children’s interactive entertainment show that introduces 8 – 11 year olds to the Olympic phenomenon that is sweeping the nation as the athlete’s prepare for 2012.

Rob (the presenter) and Mo the Monkey (a puppet) travel around London in their ‘Jungle tent’ trying to find out as much as they can about the Olympics. Throughout the series Mo uses his very own ‘Ape-pad’ to upload pictures and videos to their special interactive web page as they go. The audience can also upload their own photos to tell Mo all about their own Olympic related adventures.


  • Rob Adcock (Presenter)
  • Matt Hutchinson Mo
Filmmakers Role Department
Karen Heath Director/Producer Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
David Woodman Cinematographer & Lighting Design Cinematography
Steven Granger Production Designer Production Design for Film
Michael Kearney Sound Assistant Sound Recording for Film and Television
Alex Bryce Studio/Location Sound Sound Recording for Film and Television
Louis Morand Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Robin PW Blick Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects
Samuel Walsh Graphics Digital Effects
Tim Partridge Rafting Camera Non-graduating Crew
James Miller Graphics Non-graduating Crew
Eric Capron Video Engineering Non-graduating Crew
Matthew Kelly Composer Non-graduating Crew
Howard Arundel 1st AD Non-graduating Crew