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Monster Hunters (Trailer)


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2015 24 mins 17 secs Colour Dolby Stereo Hybrid Hidden Camera/Comedy Horror

Monster Hunters is a unique hybrid format that mixes hidden camera pranks with scripted comedy drama, putting real members of the public into the world of a horror movie.

In this pilot episode, Zed needs a new mobile phone, but can he get one with an insurance policy that includes werewolf bites? And on one of his blind dates, Hank is interrupted when Donna is attacked by an incredibly strange man.

Pretty soon, the Monster Hunters discover that a deadly zombie virus is contaminating the people of High Wycombe, and the team must fight the outbreak before it becomes uncontrollable.


  • Kerry Bennett Donna Matthews
  • Gary Reimer Hank Worthington
  • Jack Shalloo Zed
Programme-makers Role Department
Jonathan Dakin Producer/Writer Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Brigitta Szaszfai Director Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Laura Mickiewicz, Olivia Dixon Production Designers Production Design
Benji Barnes, Paul Dewhurst, Sharon McVeigh, Martin Richards Camera Broadcast Production
Timea Huszár Production Co-ordinator Production Management for Film and Television
Gareth Maggs, Danny Richards, Aristarchos Papadopoulos, Juan Montoto Ugarte, Corrado Riccomini, Will Davies Studio/Location Sound Sound Recording for Film and Television
Robert Malone Supervising Sound Editor Sound Design for Film and Television
Matis Rei Sound Effects Editor Sound Design for Film and Television
Rob Turner Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Terence Dunn Composer Composing for Film and Television
Sara Buxton Online Editor and Colour Grader Digital Effects
Andrew Alderslade Cinematographer/Camera Non-Graduating Crew - NFTS Graduate 2012
Edward Dilnott-Cooper Production Manager Non-Graduating Crew
Daniel Davies Editor Non-Graduating Crew - NFTS Graduate 2014
Richard Merrick, Barney Brookes, Simon Richert Studio/Location Sound Non-Graduating Crew
Nicholas Thompson Prosthetic Make-up Artist Non-Graduating Crew - NFTS Graduate 2011
Annie Lloyd Sound Editor Non-Graduating Crew
Ricky Butt Foley Artist Non-Graduating Crew