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Make Ends Meet (Trailer)


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2012 29 mins 30 secs Colour Dolby Digital

Simon’s up to his neck in debt and trying to feed his family, Elaine is losing her job due to government cuts and Barbara wants to do everything she can to help keep her community afloat and away from dangerous moneylenders.

The credit union in Middlesbrough helps all of them through tough times, but with vital support ebbing away will they be able to make ends meet?

Filmmakers Role Department
Ashley Pegg Director/Producer/Cinematographer Directing Documentary
Bálint Tusor Editor Editing
Michael Kearney Sound Recordist Sound Recording for Film and Television
Helen Brownell Online Editor and Colour Grader Digital Effects
Jonathan Hill Composer Composing for Film and Television
Fernando Calleja López Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
James O'Donnell Production Manager Production Management for Film and Television
Richard Grainger Music Non-graduating Crew
Matthew Kelly Fiddle Player Non-graduating Crew