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Killer Moves (Trailer)


2013 27 mins 54 secs Colour Dolby Stereo

Jason is a shy but sweet contract killer looking for love.

He's fallen hopelessly for his next-door neighbour Lisa, a somewhat irresponsible police officer in search of adventure. Life as a loner has left him cold and clinical on the surface, but soft and cuddly underneath, and Jason struggles to balance his work and personal life from the moment Lisa moves in.

In this pilot episode Jason lands a date with Lisa when she invites him to a wedding in their village. This coincides with orders from Jason's boss, eccentric ex-spy The Velvet Glove, to kill the best man at the very same wedding.


  • Tom Bell Jason
  • Zoe Richards Lisa
  • Eric Lampaert Mike
  • Jenny Bede *Imogen
  • Joe Ransom Steve
  • Duncan Duff The Velvet Glove
Programme-Makers Role Department
Ben Hillyar Co-Writer/Producer Producing and Directing TV Entertainment
Tim Partridge Director Producing and Directing TV Entertainment
Nick Cooke Cinematographer/Camera Cinematography
Matt Sharp Production Designer Production Design
Ingibjorg Hogna Jonasdottir Production Manager Production Management for TV
Andy Thomas Sound Supervisor Sound Recording for Film and Television
Amee Simpson & Thomas Markwick Sound Crew Sound Recording for Film and Television
Adam Arnot Title Sequence SFX/VFX
Ania Przygoda & Peter Warnock Sound Designers/Sound Editors Sound Design for Film and Television
Ania Przygoda Dubbing Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Sarah Warne Composer Composing for Film and Television
David Mayes Co-Writer Non-graduating Crew
Robbie Morrison Offline Editor Non-graduating Crew

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