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Keyframe (Trailer)


2016 Mac/Mobile (Android/iOS)

Keyframe - a narrative puzzle game for tablets. Your first task as the new curator of a gallery is to find the missing labels of Exhibition Hall F. When Anthony, a man within the gallery’s paintings, suddenly begins to react to your choices, you must uncover more of his story by revealing hidden memories contained within the artwork.

Game-makers Role Department
Kai McGilligan Oliver Designer/Developer/Coder Games Design & Development
Cristina Barletta Writer/Narrative Designer Screenwriting
Payam Hosseinian Sound Designer/Voiceover Recording Sound Design for Film & Television
Kat Pearl Assistant Project Manager Production Management for Film and Television
Lucie Prunier Lead Project Manager Non-graduating Crew
Stephanie Blakey Character Designer Non-graduating Crew
Daniel Reimann Environment Artist Non-graduating Crew
Felix Koelher, Sophie Knowles 2D Animators Non-graduating Crew
Naomi Kotler UI Development Non-graduating Crew
Adam Orridge Music Composition Non-graduating Crew
Izzy ‘Morgana’ Rabey, Bill Sutton, Twm Dylan Music Non-graduating Crew
Francine Dulong Voice Acting Director Non-graduating Crew