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Inside IKEA (Trailer)


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2015 28 mins Colour Dolby Stereo Factual entertainment/observational documentary for television

Inside IKEA, the first access all areas story of life at an IKEA store – a haven of modern design to some; a hellish maze to others...

IKEA Tottenham is a store on the cusp of change. Ten years on from its inauspicious opening, when a riot broke out over the store's bargain furniture, this branch is determined to shed its negative image and take its place as one of the top stores in the UK.

With unprecented access, this television documentary joins Giuliano, the store’s new Italian manager, as he attempts to transform the underperforming furniture franchise…

Programme-makers Role Department
Lorna Hartnett Producer Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Dionne Weston Director Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Ian Forbes Cinematographer Cinematography
Akash Tuli-Phakey, Martin Richards, Sharon Mc Veigh Camera Broadcast Production
Corrin Allen Production Manager Production Management for Film and Television
Juan Montoto Ugarte, Nik Stojkov, Gareth Maggs Location Sound Sound Recording for Film and Television
Matis Rei Sound Editor Sound Design for Film and Television
Dayo James Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Alex Peters Online Editor and Colour Grader Digital Effects
John Murphy Script Editor Non-Graduating Crew
Simona Susnea Cinematographer Non-Graduating Crew
Dean Taylor Camera Non-Graduating Crew
Jessica Jones Composer Non-Graduating Crew
Teng Ye Titles/Graphics Non-Graduating Crew
Ricardo A Clarke Offline Editor Non-Graduating Crew
Raphael Beaulieu, Tamar Lawson, Olu Ladiende Assistant Producers Non-Graduating Crew