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Flipside (Trailer)


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2016 27 mins 20 secs Colour Dolby 5.1 TV Entertainment Quiz

This is the brand new family friendly general-knowledge quiz that adds a different kind of pressure…

Three contestants face ‘The Board’, a giant electronic adversary that must be battled against, and beaten. It holds and hides 9 all-important images that must be memorised - but with only 9 seconds to view them before they are flipped and hidden...the answers are there, can you remember where?!

Optioned by Warner Brothers TV


  • Rowland Rivron Presenter
  • David Mower, Doreen Williams, Jack Phillips Contestants
Programme-makers Role Department
Tamar Lawson Producer Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Dayle Tewkesbury Director Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Toni Adepegba, Fiona Donald, Ben Halnan Camera Broadcast Production
Scott Eggelhoefer Production Manager Production Management for Film and Television
Palani Bala, David Thorp Sound Assistants Broadcast Production
Tom Jenkins Supervising Sound Editor Sound Design for Film and Television
Annie Lloyd Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Tim Morrish Composer Composing for Film and Television
Xi Zhao Online Editor and Colour Grader Digital Effects
Jonathan Paul Green Production Designer Non-Graduating Crew
Nathan Barnes, Kyle Govier, Adam Hancock, David Vears Ionoco Gameplay System Non-Graduating Crew
Tim Pollitt Question Writer Non-Graduating Crew
Andy Willers Graphic Designers Non-Graduating Crew
Rodney Sims Offline Editor Non-Graduating Crew
Mike Sutcliffe, Gavin Sutcliffe Lighting Directors Non-Graduating Crew
Aiden Boulter Floor Manager Non-Graduating Crew

Lighting provided by Panalux