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Esta Vida (This Life) (Trailer)


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2015 29 mins 59 secs Colour Dolby Stereo Portuguese with English Subtitles

Esta Vida (This Life) is a vivid portrait of a group of young girls, who in their early and mid-teens, have already endured a lifetime of loss, rejection and abuse. Stuck in a rural Brazilian town where they’ve tasted the bitterness of sexual exploitation, their only beacon of hope is Meninadança. It’s a safe haven and social project where they can dance, be free and feel empowered. It is run by Rita, a child advocate who fights the system, to rescue the girls from a life on the streets, while the girls themselves fight for survival with courage and optimism.

Filmmakers Role Department
Lyttanya Shannon Director/Producer/Cinematographer Directing Documentary
Rienkje Attoh Co-Producer Producing
Pawel Stec Editor Editing
Juan Montoto Ugarte Location Sound Recordist Sound Recording for Film and Television
Ben Hensor Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Terence Dunn Composer Composing for Film and Television
Sara Buxton Online Editor and Colour Grader Digital Effects
Edward Dilnott-Cooper Production manager Non-Graduating Crew
Juliano Lueders Field Producer and Translator Non-Graduating Crew