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Doubt On Loan (Trailer)


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2012 24 mins 56 secs Colour Dolby Digital Comedy/Sitcom

It is a murky time for British libraries. Many are in dire straits as they try and prove their relevance in today’s hyper-modern technology based world. But it’s not all doom and gloom. On the back of mass outcry and public mobility a whole series of action has been taken to save libraries and centre them back at the heart of local communities. Shawcross Library and Interactive Centre is one such library managed by a very American solution in Head Librarian Mia Taylor-Clarke. This is Shawcross’s great white hope…We’re not kidding.

Doubt on Loan follows the trials and tribulations of the staff at Shawcross Library and interactive centre with Anglophile and over-enthused American ex-pat Mia, wise cracking but self-conscious Nic Kempster, and goofily affable, but “on the spectrum” Eddie Fineman, as they overcome their warped sense of views and precarious judgments to make their library, friendship and lives work.


  • Louise Ford Mia
  • Christian Brassington Nic
  • David Fynn Eddie
  • Sophie Colquhoun Charlie
  • Bentley Kalu Philip Dunleavy
Filmmakers Role Department
Ian Aryeh-Thompson Director/Producer/Writer Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Arthur Mulhern Cinematographer Cinematography
Bryony Chaplin Production Manager Production Management for Film
Liam Cotter Sound Supervisor Sound Recording for Film and Television
Vincente Villaescusa Sound Designer Sound Design for Film and Television
Nina Rice Boom Operator Sound Recording for Film and Television
Michael Kearney Boom Operator Sound Recording for Film and Television
Helen Brownell Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects
Sarah Byers Title Sequence Digital Effects
Mike O'Leary Writer Non-graduating Crew
Jane Brodie Production Designer Non-graduating Crew
Louisa Thomas Costume Designer Non-graduating Crew
Aden Turner 1st AD Non-graduating Crew
Robbie Morrison Editor Non-graduating Crew
Jon Wygens Composer Non-graduating Crew