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Chhaya (Trailer)


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2015 10 mins Colour Dolby Digital Miniature sets with CG character animation & Paint on Glass effects

An old man trapped in a mundane senior centre is living the memory of his beloved wife through his own shadow. But as his past sets in threatening his present, Prakash finds himself facing a difficult question: is he living a mesmerizing, but unreal dream, or life itself?

Filmmakers Role Department
Debanjan Nandy Director/Co-Writer/Animator Directing Animation
Josh Lowe Producer Producing
Katerina Giannakou Co-Writer Screenwriting
Jannicke Mikkelsen Cinematographer Cinematography
Carlo Alberto Bagliolid CG Camera & Prop Modelling Digital Effects
Jacqueline Blundell Production Designer Production Design
Jemma Marshall Production Manager Production Management for Film and Television
Pawel Stec Editor Editing
Rob Szeliga Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Fraya Thomsen Composer Composing for Film and Television
Sara Buxton Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects
Angelo A David VFX Supervisor/Animator Non-graduating Crew
Maya Glick Animator Non-Graduating Crew
Shelley Nicholls VFX Non-Graduating Crew
Gagan Alodiya CG Lighting Non-Graduating Crew