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Canuck Black (Trailer)


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2014 8 mins 37 secs Colour Dolby Digital Stop Motion and Paint on Glass

In a shadowy interrogation room, a homicide file lies open in front of two frustrated cops. Behind a one-way mirror sits their main suspect, a hulking black bear named Canuck Black. Highly intelligent and eloquent, Canuck is a tormented creature. Raised as a human, he wrestles with his competing instincts, both human and animal. Interrogated by the cops who, without proof, are certain of his guilt, Canuck questions their prejudice and cooperates on his own terms. Is he telling the truth or leading them astray? A murder mystery with an eloquent and engaging protagonist, CANUCK BLACK questions animal liberation and how we determine our identity.


  • David Rintoul Canuck Black
  • Robert G. Slade Bad Cop
  • Ian Porter Good Cop
  • Robert G. Slade Bad Cop Silhouette
  • Clive Moore Good Cop Silhouette
Filmmakers Role Department
Rebecca Archer Director Directing Animation
Charlotte Campbell Producer Producing
Dan Rosen Co-Writer Screenwriting
Rebecca Archer, Charlotte Campbell, Dan Rosen Story
Craig Dean Devine Cinematographer Cinematography
Andrew Tilhoo Production Designer Production Design
Yann Heckmann Editor Editing
James Brennan-Craddock VFX Supervisor SFX/VFX
Fabio Miguel Campos VFX Supervisor Digital Effects
Rob Hardcastle Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
David Pearce Composer Composing for Film and Television
Fabio Miguel Campos Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects
Josh Blaaberg Co-Writer Non-graduating Crew