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Cambodia Calling (Trailer)


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2015 23 mins 02 secs Colour Dolby Digital

An observational documentary following Jean, a church going woman from York, who feels called by God to go on a mission trip to mark her 70th birthday. Leaving behind 3 months worth of frozen meals for her husband Jim, she sets off to Cambodia. The film follows the ups and down of her experience on the mission field; what can she contribute to a country struggling with poverty and injustice? The film is a nuanced portrait of one woman’s faith, an insight into volun-tourism, and an exploration of Christianity away from its western context.

Filmmakers Role Department
Anna Snowball Director/Producer/Cinematographer Directing Documentary
Jemma Marshall Production Manager Production Management for Film and Television
Abolfazl Talooni Editor Editing
Will Davies Sound Recordist Sound Recording for Film and Television
Rob Turner Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Antonio Nardi Composer Composing for Film and Television
Ioannis Sariktzis Online Editor and Colour Grader Digital Effects