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Bombay Fight Night (Trailer)


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2013 28 mins Colour Dolby Digital Hindi, Marathi, English with English Subtitles

India is a place in the process of rapid change, with some young people wealthier than their parents could ever dream of being, and others desperate for a share. Inside a Bollywood movie studio, two men are preparing to fight in front of a crowd of heated fans. This isn't a scene from a Bollywood film, this is the start of a MMA fighting event held at ngiht after the days filming is over. Mumbai's fashionable middle class have finished work and are hungry for entertainment.

The two fighters - both from rural villages outside of the city know they can make more in the ring in one night than the average Indian makes in a month. My documentary will explore the lives of fighters trying to make it in this new sport.

Filmmakers Role Department
Jasleen Kaur Sethi Director/Producer/Cinematographer Directing Documentary
Matteo Bini Editor Editing
Michael Sinden Sound Recordist Sound Recording for Film and Television
Ting Li Lim Sound Designer and Dubbing Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Kam Bains Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects