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Bird World (Trailer)


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2012 6 mins 30 secs Colour Dolby Digital Mixed Rotoscope & Key Frame Animation

SPARROW is struck by a plane and lands wounded in a mysterious city inhabited by anthropomorphised birds.

With the chaos of urban life all around him, Sparrow goes on a heady journey of self-discovery and is faced with a choice: should he follow his natural instinct and flee, or adapt his nature and embrace city life.

This animated short with its distinctive illustrative style is a seductively immersive experience about our unnatural love affair with the city. A film for anyone who has ever lost him or herself.


  • Laura Swan Sparrow
  • Miranda Barrie Dancing Bird
  • James Thompson Paramedic/Tramp/Bouncer
  • Jamie Stone Sushi Bird
Filmmakers Role Department
Alastair McColl Director/Writer Directing Animation
Len Rowles Producer Producing
Ingeborg Topsoe Writer Screenwriting
Arthur Mulhern Cinematographer Cinematography
Thalia Eccelstone Production Designer Production Design
Esteban Frost Production Manager Production Management for Film
Arttu Salmi Editor Editing for Film
Maria Anne Aburn SFX Supervisor Digital Effects
Robin PW Blick Online Editor and Colour Grader Digital Effects
Sarah Byers CG Supervisor Digital Effects
Jonathan Hill Composer Composing for Film and Television
Steve Bond Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Louisa Thomas Non-graduating Crew