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The Alan Dimension (Trailer)


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2016 8 mins Colour Dolby Digital Model sets with 2D Flash Animation and 3D Visual Effects

The divine gift of precognition has been bestowed to a human. That human... is Alan.

But Alan’s gift isn’t all it’s cracked up to be - he can barely foresee what’s for breakfast. And now the only person on earth who understands Alan is packing her bags to leave - Wendy has had enough of being married to “mankind’s next step in cognitive evolution”.

Will Alan realise in time that seeing the future has blinded him to his present?


  • Kevin Eldon Alan
  • Felicity Montagu Wendy
Filmmakers Role Department
Jac Clinch Director Directing Animation
Millie Marsh Producer Producing
Jonathan Harbottle Writer Screenwriting
Miles Ridgway Cinematographer Cinematography
Declan O’Brien Production Designer Production Design
Anna Bennett-Squire Production Manager Production Management for Film and Television
Xanna Ward-Dixon Editor Editing
Luke Hardisty, Matt Moyes Visual Effects Digital Effects
Justin Dolby Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Tim Morrish Composer Composing for Film and Television
Robin Yoojin Rhee Online Editor & Colour Grader Digital Effects
Jez Pennington Additional 3D Animation Non-graduating Crew
Lucie Arnoux, Jocie Juritz, Shaun McGinley, Sumaya Kilani, Madalena Pinto Coelho, Henry Richardson Animation and Illustration Assistants Non-graduating Crew
Emma Ehrling, Lauren Veevers, Josh Wright, Leo Gavin Animation and Illustration Assistants Non-graduating Crew
Jenny Lundmark, Natalie Adkins, Louisa Brooks, Robyn Dombey, Ruby Smith Art Dept Assistants Non-graduating Crew